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July 18, 2009
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Plague of Toads by Mr--Jack Plague of Toads by Mr--Jack
So there was a thread on the Diablo 3 forums complaining about the witch doctor's ' plague of toads' spell, wherein he conjures a bunch of acid-filled toads which leap towards enemies and explode, and I rather felt like drawing it . . . I've wanted to but haven't done a pic of the WD yet, and he(or she) seems like a pretty cool class, have to say.

About 3 hours, PS with photos from
(and yes, I know toads don't have teeth but hey, a bit of artistic license was entered into)
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woz9576 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
i really like it. and the witch doctor is a great class with all his pets. i've been running him since the [link]
Panzer-bjorn Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesomely cool!And it's a realy interesting and original class indeed :)
parvudan Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
the contrast's great!
Faedus Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I still often come back to your gallery just to look at this one (amongst others of course) XD
Menteloque Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
exelent, I want more witch doctor from Your hand :)
nowherz Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
Sir, I know this website since many years now. I only created this account to congratulate a guy which did an awesome job. Today I log in to congratulate you for this STYLE, AMBIANCE and realisation.
Sadly I will not be able to put it as a wallpaper because of the resolution, it's the only disadvantage.
serenitys--wings Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
I agree, i was reading a thread about plague of toads, i actually laughed because it was so non menacing, but shit know i know what class i'm using. This is freaking awesome.
RaymondMinnaar Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
nice work man
keepkickin Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hot damn!
Mr--Jack Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Professional
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